Delivering game-changing technologies

With a team that includes conceptual designers, scientists, draughting and energetics experts, SPEX Engineering is committed to the rapid delivery of game-changing technology to the upstream oil and gas industry.

There is a multitude of engineering challenges currently facing the industry. These can affect personnel health and safety, production and the environment. SPEX continue to resolve the engineering challenges presented to us with speed, care and efficiency. Since 2009 we have gained considerable experience in providing a variety of solutions, including:

  • Novel Blowout Preventers
  • Well Abandonment Tools
  • Safety Technologies
  • HPHT and XHPHT Tools
  • Downhole Production Enhancing Technologies

Every stage in the evolution of innovation is conducted in-house within SPEX. We conceive and develop each concept solution, print physical prototypes and subject them to rigorous testing. This reduces third-party involvement. SPEX Engineering are perfectly positioned to provide a full and fast tracked service to solve industry challenges in subsea and downhole, both on and offshore.

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