SPEX Offshore was contacted by a major Operator in the UK to come up with a bespoke solution to cut various drillstring components under extreme bottom-hole conditions.  With bottom-hole temperatures and pressures of up to of 450 degF and 20,000 psi, these HPHT wells presented a unique challenge. The drillstring components could include drill pipe, heavyweight drill pipe and drill collars that were stuck in the well.



Based on the conditions that the severing tool was expected to work, SPEX developed a bespoke Severing Tool designed to work in the extreme conditions requested by the client.  Image 1 shows a collar that was cut as part of the high temperature / high pressure tests that were carried out for the Operator.


Value Added:

The HPHT Severing Tool was utilised in real-world cases on two separate occasions, successfully freeing stuck pipe on HPHT wells for the Operator. Image 2 shows an example of the result of one of these cuts. The ability of the tools to perform in these extreme conditions allowed the Operators well development program to move forward with minimal delay thus saving undue costs and reducing the risks associated with operating in these conditions.



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