After several attempts utilizing various other service companies, Island Offshore (Norway) requested SPEX Offshore (UK) Ltd to assist with two challenging wellhead removals in order to  retrieve them back to surface. Part of the challenge was that this was a deepwater removal which is an environment where hydroabrasive cutters are challenged.



Shell Norway, Island Offshore (Norway) and SPEX Offshore (UK), carried out meticulous planning on safety and operational details over a number of months prior to mobilising and  deploying the SPEX Wellhead Abandonment charge to the subsea wellhead location in Norwegian waters.

During this operation a single 16” Wellhead charge was utilised to sever the 20” and 30” casings on the first well.  A single 16” Wellhead charge was then utilised to sever the 18-5/8” and 30” casings on the second subsea wellhead.

The SPEX Deep Water Wellhead Removal System was implemented on both charges.

The whole operation from start of the first well to completion of second subsea wellhead removal was accomplished in 48 hours with no safety concerns raised.


Value Added:

Meticulous planning combined with robust experience and know-how provided the safe, efficient and cost effective overall process of removing the subsea wellheads from the seabed. This then allowed for them to be sent onshore to go through the recycling process.

Overall, the SPEX solution requires less personnel, less surface equipment on the vessel and allows subsea wellheads to be wet parked allowing them to be picked up by low dayrate vessels at a later date, allowing the main vessel to work on higher value added activities.

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