Linear Cutters

Linear Cutters, or Linear Shaped Charges (LSC) are explosives enclosed in a seamless metal sheath designed to cut steel members and plate. LSC is fabricated in specially-shaped extruded lengths of copper (flexible or rigid) with a densely pressed high explosive core. When initiated, the shaped extrusion produces a uniform linear cutting action as it collapses symmetrically along its length, impacting the target with pressures well in excess of the target's yield strength. The cutting action and the severance depths can be controlled by manipulating the LSC dimensions and geometry, depending on the target to be cut. 

Explosive Jet Cutters

Designed to cut coiled tubing, production tubing, casing and drillpipe during recovery operations, these products apply the severance action of a radial shaped explosive charge. Jet Cutters provide a quick and effective solution to sever tubing and casing to aid in the removal of stuck pipe or workover activity. SPEX offers a complete range of explosive Jet Cutters for virtually all sizes of tubular. The cutters contain a high precision factory-pressed HMX (or HNS for operations over 400°F) shaped charge assembly that contains the minimum amount of explosive to cut the specified target. The cutters produce a minimum amount of flaring on the severed pipe, assisting in recovery and fishing operations. 

Tubing Punches

Perforating charges, designed for limited penetration, allow a target tubing to be perforated without damaging adjacent tubulars. They are commonly used in remedial or workover operations where downhole communication devices, such as sliding sleeves, cannot be opened to allow circulation of well fluids or pressure equalisation between the bore and annulus.

Electronic and Capacitance Discharge Detonators

Electronic Detonators

Unlike conventional electric detonators, these detonators use a built-in electronic header circuit to protect the fuse head from wellsite hazards such as RF or stray voltage. Only when the detonator receives a digital-coded signal will the firing circuit be charged to the required firing voltage.

Capacitance Discharge Detonators

The PX-1 generates the high current pulse needed to initiate the Exploding Bridgewire Detonator (EBW). With features that complement the safety characteristics of the EBW, compact dimensions allow it to be used in systems from 1-3/8" OD. 

These detonators provide protection against:

  • Radio frequencies

  • Stray current and voltage
  • Static electricity discharges

Severance Tool

SPEX provides a complete range of Severance Tools, designed to cut stuck drill strings including regular drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe and drill collars. Tools are available to suit common well conditions up to 400°F and 25,000psi (HMX), and our HPHT suite of tools to well conditions of up to 500°F and 25,000psi (HNS). Tool sizes are available from 1-3/8" through to 2-5/8"OD. 

Freepoint Tool

The 1-5/8" Freepoint Tool is used in wells to determine where the tubing or drill pipe is stuck. It is an electromechanical device deployed downhole on electric line, and is designed to measure the amount of torque or stretch of a given length (52") of tubing, or drill pipe. This tool can also be adapted for use in casing by fitment of an optional third casing bow-spring section. 

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