From Concept to Commercialisation...

The Innovation Centre is at the heart of SPEX and at the forefront of technological invention. It is where concepts are conceived, engineered and developed into ground breaking technologies, utilised by the international upstream oil and gas industry.

Based in our premises in Aberdeen, our engineering specialists are strategically partnered with inventors, explosives experts and scientists to comprise a unique and dynamic team. The Innovation Centre serves as the client interface for the multi-disciplinary expertise that is inherent throughout SPEX.  

There are a variety of challenges faced by the industry that SPEX can readily and rapidly resolve. If solutions are not delivered, these challenges can negatively impact upon health and safety, business and the environment, all of which damage the reputation of those involved.

Every challenge presented to the Innovation Centre is interrogated, deconstructed and reduced to its basic components before solutions are conceived, trialled and tested. Ideas are rapidly progressed and evolved into viable and sustainable solutions.

Concept to Comemercialisation

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