SPEX is differentiated from other service providers by developing products that are unique, superior and driven by a competitive market.

SPEX’s New Product Development expertise enables our team to systematically formulate ideas to address your problems. We turn these ideas into distinctive commercialised products that solve your problems. Where possible we will create new intellectual property in the process! 

Complex product challenges are deconstructed into their basic form, organised into discrete tasks, then reconstituted to form optimised solutions. Our unique skillset and resources combine the talents of creative and business minds with experts in the fields of physics, design and engineering.  These talents are aligned with our specialist knowledge of fluid dynamics and energetics to enable SPEX to stand as industry pioneers of innovation.

SPEX designs products that incorporate a customer focussed competitive advantage. We fully understand the principle elements that are fundamental in developing game-changing, state-of-the-art technology.

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