SPEX Offshore was contacted by a major Oilfield Services provider, who were helping a major  Operator in the UK who had encountered problems whilst section milling, and the BHA had become stuck.  The drillstring components included drill pipe, heavyweight drill pipe and drill collars as well as the section mill. No pipe recovery equipment was situated on the rig at the time the problem was encountered.



SPEX and a major Wireline Services Provider quickly mobilised all equipment and personnel required to perform an explosive Pipe Recovery operation on the offshore platform. Based on the bottomhole assembly (BHA) diagrams provided, SPEX supplied two options of explosive severing tools which could be used. A drift run was performed to confirm access to the required joint selected for the cutting operation, which was then followed by a successful severing operation using the WT Bell 2-5/8” severing tool to cut a 8-1/4” Drill Collar connection.


Value Added:

The communications and co-operation between SPEX, the wireline Service Provider and the Operator allowed a solution to the customers dilemma to be quickly and efficiently provided and the challenge overcome, preventing any lengthy downtime or delays. 

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