SPEX Offshore was contacted by Offshore Installation Services (OIS) Ltd to assist in a 10 well  Subsea Wellhead Removal project.



OIS supplied SPEX with the relevant information on the wells to be worked on during this project. With the information provided, SPEX selected the appropriate wellhead charge required to free the wellhead and enable the vessel to pull the wellhead free.

Once called upon to assist in their operations a SPEX 8” OD wellhead charge was deployed to sever, in one operation, the 9-5/8”, 13-3/8”, 20” and 30” casings attached to the subsea wellhead.


Value Added:

The planning, communication and execution of this solution provided a safe, low cost and effective way of removing wellheads from the seabed. This allowed the subsea wellheads to then be transported onshore to be put through the recycling process.

Overall, less personnel and surface equipment are required than with other mechanical methods of removal.




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