SPEX Offshore were contacted by Maersk Oil in Denmark to help them out of a situation on one of their wells, where the drill pipe had become stuck during a cementing operation. SPEX were called upon to come up with an alternative solution whilst numerous other attempts were being made using various other technologies to free the drill pipe.



SPEX analysed the conditions and situation, focusing in on the drill pipe ID restriction that had to be worked. SPEX contacted the manufacturer of the W. T. Bell Cutter to see if the outer diameter of their explosive jet cutter could be adjusted. The manufacturer was very proactive at offering advice, guidance and recommending cutters which SPEX were able to go back to Maersk with. The SPEX FEA (Finite Element  Analysis) team were then tasked with simulating if this cutter would perform at the expected well pressures. With the findings concluded and both SPEX and Maersk confident with the results and in agreement to move forward with the modified cutter, the tools were dispatched to the well location.

Once on the job location, SPEX deployed the W. T. Bell Cutter on coiled tubing (hydraulically actuated pressure firing head) a total of 5 times to basically cut the drill pipe in measured segments. This was due to the wash over pipe only being able to accommodate a certain length of pipe. This process allowed all of the stuck drill pipe to successfully be pulled free of the well.


Value Added:

The successful removal of the stuck drill pipe allowed Maersk Oil to put the well back onto production and avoiding a more costly work-over operation on the well.


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